Customer service is a top priority at RAMPF Machine Systems

Highly qualified staff will act as your development partner for machine beds and customer-specific positioning and moving systems. Technically sophisticated and cost-efficient tailored solutions are devised with the help of high-performance 3D CAD systems. Benefit from RAMPF Machine Systems's comprehensive service, which includes everything from design, calculation, production, and precision machining to measurement, joining, and complete assembly.

  • Consulting and project design
  • 3D design suitable for mineral casting and the casting/bonding process (EPUMENT)
  • 3D design of machine beds with composite structures (EPUFILL) or made of hard stone (EPUSTONE)
  • 3D design and dynamic layout of moving systems and drives (EPUTRONIC)
  • FEM calculations (static, dynamic, and thermal)
  • Weight, rigidity, and natural frequency optimization
  • Interface design
  • Tool construction
  • Research and development
  • State-of-the-art production processes and plants at two independent factories for mineral casting machine beds
  • Precision grinding center for high-precision grinding of machine beds, including hard stone beds
  • Complete finishing without the need for any subsequent machining or assembly: Integrally cast parts such as fastening screw threads, media inlets, and load suspension devices are incorporated directly into the casting blank
  • Cutting-edge PPS system for planning production and logistics processes
  • Efficient use of capacities
  • Casting and coating of high-precision assembly surfaces
  • Precision bonding
  • Under-casting, rear casting
  • Filling, integral casting
  • Precision grinding
  • Contract machining (milling)
System solution
  • Precision assembly of guides, drive technology, and cable tracks
  • Finishing with carriages, tables, mounting elements, and machine cladding
  • Full wiring, control system, and control cabinet
  • Rump machines
  • Temperature-controlled machine beds
  • Complete customer-specific, multi-axis positioning and moving systems

Top quality – the measure of all things


Customized casting resins– this is our philosophy. Working hand in hand with our customers, we develop the most suitable application in each case. Carefully considered consultancy forms the first milestone in any successful product. The concept-finding process seeks to analyse the different requirements and terms of reference for their practical feasibility. 


The project design is ready. The product and process features defined on this basis are then subjected to exhaustive testing in our lab. Our experts produce the first product samples and test them in extreme situations. On completion of the product development phase, the next stage is to establish the formulation.


State-of-the-art production methods and equipment guarantee economical, environmentally friendly and quality-conscious production of our casting resins. In order to ensure a smooth production start-up, production and logistical processes are ideally planned, controlled and monitored, so ensuring the most efficient use of our capacity. The customer receives his finished RAMPF solution within the specified deadline.

After Sales

Our customer service does not end with the beginning of the serious production. Our dedicated employees offer you any assistance needed.

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